Are you ready to explore mentoring? We are. 

MOA has teamed up with Mentor City - A FREE, online platform to connect you to the next generation of physicians.

What is MentorCity?
MentorCity is a cloud-based internet site where we can come together to mentor one another and connect. Chat, meet, create discussion posts and more! Schedule one on one meetings with your mentors and mentees all through one streamlined platform. 

Why should I mentor/have a mentor?
Mentors are important, especially in the practice of medicine, because they can enhance implicit knowledge about professionalism, ethics, values and the art of medicine not learned from any text. In many cases, mentors also provide emotional support and encouragement. A good mentor provides invaluable guidance and advice, facilitates decision making, and aids mentees in professional and personal development goals. Whether you’ve been practicing for years or just starting on your journey, the mentor/mentee relationship is priceless.  

Sounds wonderful! How do I signup?
MentorCity is an extremely easy platform to navigate and use. To get started, simply visit:  and find the "For Everyone" Tab. Click "Join for Free!" Then, follow the prompts or we have written instructions here. Video tutorial coming soon!

How do I connect to MOA's network on MentorCity?
Make sure to update your profile and add "Maine Osteopathic Association" as your organization. In a mentor/mentee search (see our instructions for details) you can also search for connections within our MOA network.

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