Partnership Opportunities

Standard Advertising Rates

Website Banner Ad: 

  • 1 month: full color, 1 ad run                                                   $250
  • 1 Quarter: full color, can change Ad up to 2x                      $600  ($150 savings!)
  • Full year: Full Color, can change Ad up to 4x annually.      $2000 ($1000 overall savings!)

Retargeting Ad Campaign:

 Ad retargeting guarantees  sustained, specific exposure to the exact qualified audience you are trying to reach. This will enable you to advertise directly to MOA’s website audience and MOA community audience and retarget these visitors with your brand’s ads anywhere they visit online. You will be able to tap into MOA’s network rather than a broad, generic web-based audience, common-place with regular ad platforms. Ad Retargeting is based on clicks, which is rooted in internet data tracking “reach”. Partnering with the MOA could allow your organization to reach 100,000 or even 200,000 relevant views within an Ad campaign period of 1 month.

  • Level 1 Retargeting: 100,000 Impressions/1 month  3 Unique Ad Creatives.   $750
  • Level 2 Retargeting: 200,000 Impressions/1 month  6 Unique Ad Creatives.   $1250
    • *You will be responsible to send Ad creatives 2 weeks prior to ad run start date to MOA staff. Ad specs: 300X250, 728x90, 160x600


  • E-Newsletter Standard:  (250 words or less, one photo, one link to pdf file, appears for 2 issues/weeks)                                                            $250
  • E-Newsletter Premium:  (up to 500 words, plus up to 2 photos, unlimited links, up to 2 file links and appears for 4 issues/weeks)                $500

Event Advertising & Sponsorship:

The MOA hosts 2 large weekend-long medical educational conferences annually. Historically they are in-person live events, but we have also done Virtual CME Events. Due to the varied nature of our recent conferences, pricing is promoted prior to the conference and is specific to the event.

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Career Center Job Postings

The MOA's new Career Center allows employers to post career opportunities easily on our self-service portal here. Prices start at $250 for 30-day posting. Check it out!


Business Partnership Opportunities:

Tell us a little about yourself and we can set up a time to customize a partnership with you! 

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