MOA Legislative Committee

Get Involved: MOA Legislative Committee 

MOA Legislative Committee

The MOA Legislative Committee is Chaired by Jodie Hermann, DO. It meets weekly during the Maine Legislative Session to discuss legislation of interest to the Association and its members. Track bills in the Maine State Legislature that have been prioritized by the committee here.


Get Involved! 
Calls are open to all MOA members (including students and residents)

We need YOUR input to ensure a diverse array of specialties and opinions in our advocacy work. 

Join the calls! 
To join the email list and receive call information and other updates, please send an email to Amanda Mahan at [email protected]

The committee is charged to:

  • Actively pursue and monitor legislative agendas pertinent to the successful progress of the Osteopathic Profession

  • Increase the osteopathic profession visibility with the Maine State Legislature and governmental agencies

  • Keep members actively informed during the legislative session

  • Address and become active in inter-professional issues

  • Actively seek donations to the Maine Osteopathic Political Action Committee (MOPAC) to support the Association’s legislative activities and to ensure the election of candidates who support the osteopathic physician community.

We welcome all D.O.s to have input to the MOA’s legislative agenda.

Contact Amanda Mahan by email at [email protected] or by phone at 207-623-1101 to join this important committee!